Ribera de Deusto and Zorrozaurre

With this project we want to collect information that reflects the social and economic cycles, through images and interviews of the neighbors and companies of the Ribera. All this to make a morphological drawing of the social and architectural transformation that has developed in the twentieth century. Photography is a way of freezing elusive moments. The result of a glance, the image that counts through the memories, creating a memory for those who want to know the story through the moments trapped in the right moments. A collective memory built through the memories of the experiences of some neighbors and workers.

But even if this is a collective memory of relationships, events, feelings and interpretations, it can become something that provokes reflection and artistic practices. A push to move forward, build the future in the present. Through the almost tangible presences and the witnesses that are disappearing, the people’s own memory is built, named as ‘Rhetoric for the Passers-by’ by Michel de Certeau.

Latest contents of the project