Cromoduro has its origin in the family business Aplicaciones Industriales del Cromo Duro S.A.(Limited Company). Founded in 1953 by Juan Retolaza, its main area of activity was the automotive industry.
Over the years the volume of business and personnel grew until forming the Cromoduro Corporation, which clusters a group of companies that provide comprehensive solutions in the automotive sector (Cromoduro diversificación S.L., Aplicaciones Industriales del Cromoduro S.A., Cromoduro Barcelona S.L., Cromoduro Plásticos S.A. and Cromoduro FMI).

Some of the parts produced by the company today (Formula 1 engine liners and parts for doors, gearshifts, safety arches or soundproofing elements) have been homogenized in such a way that the profit margin is lower if they are manufactured in the Basque country. As a result of this the company started to open production plants in Morocco.

At the beginning of 2008 Cromoduro settled in the port of Tanger, preceded by Renault. The Corporation also set up a plant in Fez, where it manufactures chromed shirts in collaboration with a local partner. At the same time, Cromoduro opened production lines for new components in the Basque Country.



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