Consonni Electromechanics

Electromecánicas Consonni (electromechanics) was created in 1953. Before its independance it was part of a company that gathered this and consonni Thermoelectrics, also located in Ribera de Deusto for years.
In 1976-1977 the company moved to Zorrozaurre, occupying a building that was before used by a glass-tubing company.
Electromecánicas Consonni still produces electrical panels of low and medium voltage in the neighborhood.

Its Administrative Director, Javier Elorriaga, tells in the interview that since his arrival to the neighborhood in 1975, the reality of La Ribera has completely changed; decades ago, more than 2500-3000 workers went through the neighborhood and bars and restaurants served all of them, trucks and buses roamed the streets… Little by little the big companies disappeared, and small workshops arised. As time went by these also closed their doors leaving a totally different picture.
Javier also talks about the feeling of uncertainty caused by the Urban Plan.


Travel to 2015:


News appeared in the TV news media of the Basque Country about a fire occured in Conssoni’s facilities:

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