Estibaliz and Jesse arrived at the Ribera de Deusto in March 1996, when their son was 4 years old. They came from Deusto and decided to settle in La Ribera because of the price of the apartments; in Deusto they went up, while in the Ribera they were lower.

When they remember their early years in La Ribera, they talk about the feeling of living in a town and how once they got to know the bars and the people, they began to leave Deusto aside.

They talk about a fundamental part of the neighborhood, the Neighbor Association. When the big companies were still working there was an Association that later disappeared. Due to a problem in one of the houses an assembly was held in the square, thanks to which the Association was reactivated. Since then the it has a large presence in La Ribera de Deusto.

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