Matricería Nervión was created in 1981 to manufacture all kinds of tools for metal work (molds, matrixes and dies among others), mainly for the automotive sector, although later it began to work also for the aeronautical sector.

In April 2009, 102 workers of Matricería Nervión went on a week strike in protest against the layoff presented by the company. This entailed the dismissal of 14 employees, five of them union delegates. The Industry Federation backed the strike and demanded that the direction of Matricería Nervión “immediately withdraw a file as arbitrary as bizarre”. Three of the delegates affected by the layoff have resolutions in their favor issued by the Labor Inspectorate for trade union harassment. The management tried to make the staff commit to work an hour and a quarter more every day, almost 300 hours more at the end of the year. In June 2009, Macrería Nervión entered into voluntary bankruptcy. In 2013 it changed its name to Útiles Matrices S.A.

The building occupied by the company was demolished in 2018.


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